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Great news!

Control Case International, with Malaysia representative PKF,  have recently been awarded as one of the preferred QSAs by Maybank Merchant Business to assist their merchants in attaining PCI compliance. PCI DSS is a contractual obligation whereby Maybank merchants agree to abide by PCI DSS through the terms of their merchant agreement with Maybank. This extends to any entities storing, processing or transmitting credit card data. As a Maybank merchant, you can enjoy significant savings on compliance by participating in this PCI compliance program.

Merchant are categorised under different merchant levels based on your annual volume of credit or debit card transactions. The following table describes the categorisation:


Depending on your merchant level, our compliance program is here to assist you in achieving PCI compliance through what we believe is the most cost-effective and resource-efficient service in the market. Our updated 2017 compliance program rates are as follows:


We can further clarify and explain these offerings either through our email, phone call or through our websites defined below:

Mr Stevie Heong: +6019 278 8629

About ControlCase International and PKF Malaysia
ControlCase International (“ControlCase”) is a United States based company with headquarters in McLean, Virginia and PCI centre of excellence in Mumbai, India. ControlCase focuses on compliance services and solutions related to regulations such as PCI, ISO27001, Sarbanes Oxley, GLBA and J-Sox globally. PCI compliance services are the core focus for ControlCase and the company has PCI experience on all sides of the card business, acquiring as well as issuing. ControlCase’s Malaysia representative, PKF is a top 10 international business advisory firm and we work closely with ControlCase to ensure efficient and local support is provided to all our clients.