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Traditionally, Information Technology has been viewed as an attachment to the core business, or at most, a peripheral enabler. Today, we realise that IT is the key to our survival, as technology becomes integrated to our business, the consequences of a technology fracture becomes higher.

IT can help save costs, increase productivity and efficiency and drive business goals. On the other hand, IT risks must be managed to ensure the preservation of information confidentiality, integrity and availability.

At PKF Avant Edge, we believe technology alone is not enough. Enterprise must apply Technology effectively and drive value from IT.

We collaborate with other groups, recognising the far impacting influence of IT, ensuring that technology changes and implementation are managed holistically and brings business (not IT) benefits.

Our Value Pillars are: IT Strategic Alignment will drive Measurable Value, requiring Resource and Risk Management.

Our value propositions are simply:


We have managerial and ground level experience in every IT field. We are not just compliance, on-paper technology theoreticians, but in-the-field, real world IT practitioners. We are lead programmers, security architects, database experts, IT directors, service managers, IT risk consultants and compliance directors who bring in actual real-life case studies from first hand experiences, not just theoretical ‘best practices’.


We combine our experiences in the field with globally accepted frameworks to better understand how to harness technology for the benefit of our client’s business. The methodologies are honed over years of practice and success stories, and are continually improved.


For assurance, we are certified CISA, CISM, CGEIT and CISSP. We have project management certifications MSP and PMP. For compliance, we are also ISO27001/20000/9000/14001 auditors and implementers. In our partnerships with Qualified Security Assessors, we provide accredited PCI-DSS advisory, to guarantee our clients the best possible support in their certification journey. The consultants involved in our forensics investigation and penetration testing/vulnerability assessments are also certified in their respective GIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification) discipline.


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