Over the weekend, the team sat and brainstormed on some of the typical project situations and the impact arising, that makes project management so critical.

Efficient and responsible project management is key to any successful enterprise delivery.  No matter how carefully planned a project is, without the competent supervision and coordination of all phases of the project implementation, a project is likely to become a headache.

The use of project management support techniques gives better initial planning and assessment risks by providing a greater chance of forecasting problem areas while there is time to take corrective action.  This also allows flexibility for alternative modes of operation.  The project management services offered by PKFAE concentrate on three prime issues of managing time, cost and resources.

PKFAE’s Project Management Philosophy behind every successful on-time project delivery follows these important aspects:

  • Providing expert advice from day one
  • Setting clear objectives and a defined scope
  • Supplying crucial resources where and when required
  • Using a structured process for managing risk
  • Tight control on project budget
  • Management of communication between all users
  • Performance measurement through KPI(s)
  • Delivery of the project on time, on budget as originally intended

PKFAE has the experience to meet the challenges of any project management that a company is undertaking  locally and nationwide.  Some of the delivery services on offer include:

  • Project Planning:  The process of establishing the terms and reference of a project plan, scope of work, objectives, approach as well as defining criteria and the measurement of success.
  • Project Management: The availability of a project manager with relevant skills and experience to take responsibility for the management of the project.  This includes resource planning, project development monitoring, project budgeting, risk mitigation and escalation.
  • Post Implementation Review:  A review upon project completion to provide clarity on the overall project delivery as well as outlining learning points gathered during the project and making recommendations on improvement.

Whether you are embarking on a migration project, a system cleanup project or even an evaluation of new IT investment project; project management must be integral. It must provide an independent, non-biased, business side view of the efforts and report without partiality. It’s not to say that every project with project management becomes automatically a resounding success; but it’s better compared to projects without any management at all!