Today, we attended Agrobank’s launch of their Visa Debit-i Card at Wisma Tani, Putrajaya. It was an early event, at around 9 am, but even so, the hall was packed with media, vendors (like ourselves) as well as Agrobank’s personnel. It was a big event.

The fact of the matter was that we’ve been with Agrobank on this journey for more than a year. I recall when we first met and I sat opposite a panel of evaluators and them asking me why our compliance program was the best. I answered frankly, because we are completely devoted to our services to our clients. We might not always make all the right moves all the time, and there might be some hiccups along the way of a very long compliance journey for a bank – but what we can guarantee is a fanatical customer support and customer experience. That’s all we have. We are not a big company with a big name to hide behind.

To me – the satisfaction of being invited to one of their biggest event of the year is a testament to their satisfaction of us.

After the event, our Agrobank account manager heading the card services thanked us personally despite her being pulled by other urgent matters, and media activities.

Sometimes, simple thank yous are good signposts and indications that we are doing something right in our business. Here’s looking to a great 2015.