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Kickstarting 2013 for PKF Avant Edge

Company Memo from the Director:


I suppose it is best that the first email of the year in your inbox should be coming from me.  Ahead of us lies a challenging goal, hitting our targeted revenue, which is close to a 100% growth from our 2012. The only way we can do this is for us all to pitch in not just in our own service towers, but to do anything we can to bring in the business. It can be starting small, or it can be big, it doesn’t really matter.

It’s important also to know a little about our history, now that we’re past 2 and half years. PKF Avant Edge started in mid 2010.  From there, we went the first few months just marketing and getting in business. We started from almost scratch, without much pipeline and built up our marketing and branding as we went along. All the marketing work/brochure/whitepaper/writeups you see today are results from our own efforts. The websites and blogs are also from us. We have gained a measure of respectability in the industry, and now looking forward to strengthen this brand.

I think it’s important to know where we came from, and our roots.  Once the ball got rolling, we worked very hard to get our first few jobs. 2011 was our first full year, and we hit around a modest revenue. 2012 last year, we actually had 30% growth. We’re asking a lot for 2013, but I believe we can do it. Because the we’re a team that has gone through the lean times. We don’t forget the many hours spent calling, visiting clients, talking to customers, working on proposals, reports. In many ways, we’re starting the year like how we start 2011: defining our jobs and creating opportunities and we’ll need to depend on each other and trust one another to do what’s best for the company.

New markets and a progressive industry mean more opportunities for us, who really care about our service and delivery quality. I know working out audit plans over weekends and reports are not easy, but we ask all of us to dig in and sacrifice. I can guarantee you that once we hit the stable years  from now, we’ll look back and we’ll be glad for the tough moments, because it makes the journey more memorable.

I will need fellow journeymen (and women). In a few years, we could be industry leaders and experts in specialised technology fields. I can only say that this company will be what you make it to be, and as all of you have help built it, part of it has your DNA. It is not loyalty I ask, but belief. Loyalty centres on what we’ve done in the past. Belief focuses on what we can achieve in the future. The promise of the future is stronger, and more powerful. I hope I can have all of you, in a few years time, looking back with me to see what you all have built. We’ll need everyone to work hard to reach there.

I do not judge our work by the quality expected from our different clients, but by our own standards. If the client expects 1 and 2, and I expect 1,2 and 3; we’ll do what we can to meet the higher expectations. Quality is not defined by the amount of money paid to us. Our scope is.

PKF Avant Edge culture is for you to define. Plant your DNA in it, and leave your impression in it, because we plan to grow this company and all of you to be cornerstones and foundations of that growth.

So here’s to our 2013, may it be successful, and filled with challenges that we will surmount together to reach our corporate and personal goals. Happy New Year!


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