Month: February 2014

Our 8th Personal Data Protection Act Workshop on 25th February

We will be conducting our 8th free Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) workshop on the 25th of February (and possibly our last).

The history of our workshops basically started in late 2012 when a small number of clients wanted to know more about the Personal Data Protection Act. At that time, we were doing a number of ISO27001 consultation, and of course, one of the main domains was compliance to regulation, and PDPA came into the picture. Our first workshop was to the Malaysian Software Testing Board (MSTB) to their upper management. Since then, we have conducted 1 workshop in our premise in Mont Kiara, 1 in Mines Hotel and 3 more in our customer’s premises. Some of these sessions we partnered with legal firms (who charged), but for clients who preferred just awareness we did it for free. The idea was to do it for 3 months from December 2012 to February 2013, since these were low activity period for us. However, once public got wind of it, we were being requested almost every month by different companies, until we had to organise a mass workshop with the MAD incubator to cater to these requests.

These will be our second collaboration with MAD incubator and now as we look forward to implementation rather than awareness, we can truly say the one year plus of workshops have given us a lot to learn on PDPA, even as we were lead speakers during the workshops. We will be having the deputy commissioner this time around, and we will for once take a secondary speaker and moderator role to the workshop.

We opened registration and in two days, we were maxed out. In fact, our premise is oversubscribed and we had to turn down a few more requests. Hopefully we will be able to help address these concerned parties in the future. Otherwise, just write in to and we will sort out your questions as best as we can.

Registering for Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Malaysia

A lot of our clients have questioned us on how to register for PDPA, which seems to be the biggest concern at the moment.

Firstly, find out if you are in the list of company class to be registered:

Client Notification for PDPA – PKF Avant Edge

Then once determined, follow the flow chart as below

Registration Flow Chart

Ta – da! It’s pretty straight forward. But do make sure to do so before the 15th of February!



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