Registering for Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Malaysia

A lot of our clients have questioned us on how to register for PDPA, which seems to be the biggest concern at the moment.

Firstly, find out if you are in the list of company class to be registered:

Client Notification for PDPA – PKF Avant Edge

Then once determined, follow the flow chart as below

Registration Flow Chart

Ta – da! It’s pretty straight forward. But do make sure to do so before the 15th of February!




  1. Murni Binti Desa

    I checked in your list, but there’s no as such parking services company included in the list. so, do we still need to register with PDPA?

    • pkfavantedge

      If its not listed in that list then you do not need to register with PDPA (it’s quite late to do that anyway as you were supposed to register back in 2014), but you would still need to comply to PDPA. Remember, compliance and registration are separate matters. All Companies dealing with commercial transactions that stores/processes personal information must comply (except for exempted group) but only the ones listed must register.

  2. Irene Bachi

    I just came to know of this and comes under health. How do I go about applying.


    Need to follow up how to check the status of PDPA registration? refer DS-SB21032022-00519

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