Deployment of AlienVault generally will depend on your network complexity.

For us, we only have an AIO (All In One). While this is great, the lack of sensors make network visibility limited. Basically we can see traffic within the network segment we are connected to. Another issue here is that everyone can see/ping the AV server, which generally isn’t too great. Let’s call this the Invasion Approach. Everyone sees the Alien Ship invading the network.

Another scenario would be to segment your network and deploy remote sensors in each segment and sends back data to a secure segment – we call this the Mother Ship Approach, where these little alien ships send back information to the big mother ship in space – like that Independence Day movie.

Another scenario would be to have multi-server, multi-sensors. We will call this the Divide and Conquer strategy. This makes the whole SIEM infrastructure harder to compromise, lowering its visibility to other devices and also distributes workload over different areas.

Remember – anyone hacking into the SIEM has access to a whole lot of informatin so its worth defending.

For our deployment scenario, we are deploying it for IDS, network vulnerability and asset management purposes – and will be doing it on a SPAN port in our main switch.

Now, let’s get some information.

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