USM Sensor not displayed properly at “AlienVault Center” of the USM Server

We have recently been involved in a few deployments of Alienvault. Aside from the All In Ones, we have had a few projects where separate sensor, loggers and servers were deployed, as well as even deploying USM Anywhere, Alienvault’s new flagship cloud centric product that literally makes Alienvault USM works – well – anywhere.

While the USM Anywhere deserves its own piece of article, in this short article we will explore the often seen problem we call: The Case of the Missing Sensor.

So, you have setup the standard server and sensor properly and as per the deployment guide that you find here. The configuration was well configured and the sensor peacefully connects to the USM Server. So you break open the celebratory glasses and start relaxing. You let your customer go through the whole features, absolutely confident that they will be impressed with everything you have done so far and they will be signing off the implementation sheet, and you will be paid and you will ….

“Hold on. Where is the sensor?”

Startled, you look at the screen and even though you have configured the server IP address in the sensor, you do not see any sensor under the Server’s Alienvault Center section. This makes it look like the sensor wasn’t  deployed but in fact all has been configured and accepted. If it didn’t show under AlienVault Center, you won’t be able to manage and update the sensor properly. Plus, it makes it look like you sold them a sensor but then ran away without actually installing one. Which makes you a charlatan. Which isn’t good.

So, you try the well tested “alienvault-reconfig” and cross your fingers. Do it on both server and sensor. No luck.

If you hit a brick wall on this, one method around it is to add the sensor manually into the server.  The below is the command used to fix it:

To add sensor into Server

#alienvault-api add_system --system-ip=[sensor's ip] --password=[sensor's root password]

Once you run the command, that doggone sensor should show up properly under the AlienVault Center and you look like a king in front of your customer. However, like all CLI commands, you need to make sure that if this is done on production, proper backup and proper due diligence has been done.

There is not much detail found but there is similar issue found at the Alienvault forum and the thread is a couple years old.

AlienVault Forum: https://www.alienvault.com/forums/discussion/1322/adding-sensors-to-the-alienvault-centre-display