All good things come to an end, and another good thing begins.

Our PDPA workshops have received overwhelming response, not just from our clients but from the public. We have reached out to more than a dozen plus companies in our workshops, done not just on our premise, but with our clients, in hotels and most recently in the MSC incubator hall. It was fun and really gave us a chance to open our channels to other companies.

As I’ve said in the workshop, we’re not lawyers. This whole PDPA workshop started out because we had low months in December and January due to the CNY, and we decided to just give a free workshop based on our collective experiences dealing with PDPA under our ISO27001 compliance requirements. One thing led to another, and soon the public wanted to hear us speak and we had arranged sessions centered on IT, and others with our law firm partners.

We extended the free PDPA workshops 2 months, to end of April, and we’re coming to it. While we still can give workshops, we can’t offer it for free anymore, as the company now has other paid engagements taking priority.

However, while the free PDPA has ended, our PMO group is offering a free talk on Project Management basics and essentials. We will cover the general PMO framework according to PMBOK version 4 and how this helps you in managing projects. We will look at organisational fit for PMO as well as case studies to walkthrough. We have PMP certified consultants providing this talk, for the month of May and June. So if you have any project managers, or aspiring PMPs who will want to know more on project management, contact us at

We’ll arrange a free session for you on our premise.