What started out as a simple enquiry in 2012 turned into a full fledged PCI-DSS Level 1 project for Manage Pay Services Berhad (MPSB), one of our success stories in PCI-DSS compliance. MPSB was one of our first client together, and while the follow ups and clarifications took some time, we once again demonstrated the value of client relationship and customer closeness that sets our service apart. With PKF, and working with the QSA vendor Control Case, we are just a call, just a drive away. With additional value added services like update talks, training, technical services and consultancy, we definitely gave MPSB more than they bargained for. It was precisely this working relationship between MPSB, our local team of PCI consultants and the QSAs from India that made this project a resounding success. It was indeed with great pride that in 2014, less than a year from our gap assessment, that we can say: it was a great journey, and now it continues on through maintenance and yearly review.

PCI-DSS can be an extremely arduous project, as it touches major parts of the business and is oftentimes more than 5 – 6 months. Due to this, we have specialised Project Management Professionals (PMP) doing PCI based projects for banks and large enterprises. For more details, drop us an email at avantedge@pkfmalaysia.com. We will contact you immediately and set you up on your compliance journey.