We’re looking for Information Security professionals and project managers.

I once asked a guy I was interviewing: what do you want to be in 5 years? He began to talk about being in strategic management etc, basically things that they have been taught to say in an interview.

I stopped him and said, “You know, to be honest, if I were you, I’d just say, “I want to be married in 5 years.””

We are constantly being fed what we need to say in interviews, which is basically what interviewers want to hear. I am a great proponent of the one interview philosophy: Everyone is selling. The interviewee is selling him/herself so they can get a bigger pay package. The interviewer is selling the company so that it looks like a Fortune 500 company when in reality they sell beanbags in flea markets.

So here’s the new deal: Let’s just be honest and put everything on the table and let’s see how it works out, shall we?

If anyone’s interested in seeing what’s life like in our company, give me an email at avantedge@pkfmalaysia.com. We hope to surprise your expectations.