We had the privilege last week to be invited to a talk in Aimst University in Semeling, Kedah, which had a very impressive campus.

We spoke to a group of senior management and directors of Human Resource/Finance on two topics close to our hearts: GST and PDPA. We’ve spoken at length on our PDPA involvement, as well as our services and products in our other posts, but for GST, many are wondering why a technology advisor will be involved in that.

Because PKF is more than just technology advisors.

Our tax group has been servicing many of our clients for GST projects – be it awareness and training, to full consultancy and advisory. It is indeed, an exciting time, as businesses gear up for the deadline in April next year, many are still vague on the details of GST. This is where we help. Even within the technology group. we have a scope of verifying controls and the actual system behavior to cater to GST. Almost all accounting systems are technology based, so there is a large scope for our services even within the GST projects.

For now, we are giving awareness talks all over Malaysia, in this instance, delivered by our own Anna Shah. It was well received, as this was her second stint up north for GST awareness drive.

Our GST awareness slides are found here: – PKF AvantEdge GST V.6.pdf

Our latest PDPA awareness slides found here : – PDPA Presentation v6.0.pdf 

And finally, our latest development, the MyPDPA protal writeup, to get your documents compliance with the shortest time and lowest cost! Write up is found

PDPA Avant Edge – MyPDPA Portal v1.pdf

As always, if you have any questions at all for GST and PDPA, please don’t fail to contact us at avantedge@pkfmalaysia.com. We will be able to provide you the necessary information and if you let us, work together with you to address compliance concerns in the most cost efficient way possible.